Website dating rules is a muslim dating website designed to help people start a family. In order to prevent fitnah, the communication between man and woman should only take place with consent of and in front оf wali (guardian) of the bride. This resourse major purpose is to help people to find a life partner, so the communication between same-sex people on this website is strictly limited. All the actions that are not compliant with Shariat and this website aim and purpose are allowed. Attention! Not recommended to transfer to other users of the money to charity, transfer, etc., as this may be crooks. For all your money spent you are responsible for yourself.

Following actions are prohibited on this website:

  1. Flirting;
  2. Placing photos of other people, photos without scarf and hijab or other obscene pictures;
  3. Sharing the contact information in questions or private messages;
  4. Using of obscene words, offensive and rude statements;
  5. Using this website for commercial or promotional purpose;
  6. Sharing of knowingly false information;
  7. Registering repeatedly with other name or information;
  8. Performing other activities contradicting with Shariat or laws of the Russian Federation;
  9. Using this website for calling, argument or discussion;
  10. Using this website for political expediency.

Website administration has a right to remove any profile without warning in case of noncompliance with these rules. Website administration has a right to place your profile in our instagram or other social networks in order to attract new visitors to your page and is obliged to remove your profile from these services in case of you request on email. By registering your profile you confirm you agree to be bound by website rules and regulations.