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Aygel, 26 years

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  • Marriage status: Single, wasn't married
  • Region: Russia
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About you

I'm looking for: Man

Belief: Just a Muslim

Parental status: Without children

About me


How many suras from Quran do you know by heart?: 1-3

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Belief: Just a Muslim

Religious practice: Partial compliance

Have you ever committed Hajj or Umrah?: Not yet

Is polygamy acceptable for you?: I would like to be the only wife

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Height: 168 cm

My eyes` color: Sky Blue

Do you wear hijab?: No


Sport: Фитнес

How often?: From time to time

Nutrition: Trying to eat properly


My profession: Экономист

My income: Average


My education: Higher


My children: No children

My future children in sha Allah: Would like to have a large family

Foster children: Difficult to answer


Character: Скромная


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