Ibrahim 📚, 32 year

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  • Region: Kazan, Resp. Tatarstan, Russia
  • Nationality: tatar
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About you

I'm looking for: Woman

Age from 19 up to 29 years

Height from 150 cm up to 182 cm

Weight from 45 kg to 68 kg

Physique: Well-shaped

Belief: Ahlal-Sunnah wal Jamaa

Religious practice: Compliance of all Fards

Character: Добрая, женственная, терпеливая

Parental status: Without children

About me


How many suras from Quran do you know by heart?: 16-28

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Belief: Ahlal-Sunnah wal Jamaa

Have you ever committed Hajj or Umrah?: Not yet

Is polygamy acceptable for you?: Difficult to answer

Religious education (if any): нет

Where do you obtain religious knowledge from?: самообразование, мечеть

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Height: 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg

My physique: Well-shaped

My hair`s color: Dark

My eyes` color: Green

Beard: Small


Sport: тренажерный зал 👟

How often?: From time to time

Nutrition: Eat everything what is halal


My profession: В сфере информационных технологий

My income: Above average

My attitude to work: Do things I love


My education: Higher

My attitude to education: Like studying

Spoken languages: русский, татарский


My children: No children

How many children? (if any): 0

My future children in sha Allah: Would like to have a large family

Foster children: Difficult to answer


Character: Спокойный, рассудительный, понимающий, ответственный, предусмотрительный, целеустремленный, честный.

My hobbies and interests: люблю изучать новое


Living conditions: Have own apartment (house)

Possibility to move: Consider moving only within own country

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